One Year Warranty

 I offer a one-year warranty on any watch I service or sell; no charge for labor, only charging for parts (if needed) and return shipping ($20 in U.S. /$45 outside U.S.) . 

Lifetime Service Agreement

 Omega mechanical watches were engineered to last generations. These beautiful vintage time pieces are now 45+ years old and perform best with regular maintenance.  To encourage this I provide a lifetime service agreement with every watch I sell or service/restore. 

Terms of agreement: Your watch should be sent back every 3 years to be serviced on or before original date of purchase. Each time, this service will cost $95 plus any parts (if needed) and return shipping ($20 in U.S. /$45 outside U.S.). 

*Please send original warranty/service history card with your watch when you send it for service or repair.

Included in a Service

Every watch I service receives the following:

  • Watch movement is dismantled, cleaned and oiled
  • Watch is reassembled using correct original parts
  • Case is cleaned
  • New crown (if necessary) 
  • New optical grade acrylic crystal and new gasket
  • Finally, timed on my timing machine. 

Sending Your Watch for Service/Restoration

 For service or restoration of your personal vintage watch, email or call Tim  first. PLEASE print the form below. Fill it out completely and send it along with your watch.


 We ship using USPS Priority with signature confirmation. I have shipped watches this way for 15 years and I have NEVER had a single problem. Please make sure you get SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION when sending watches. This way your watch will be handed directly to me.  All other companies besides USPS have left packages on my porch.  I cannot protect your watch if it has been left unattended.

*PLEASE DO NOT send through UPS.  We will not pick up packages from UPS Access Points.

Vortex Time Company

17440 N 27th Street

Phoenix, AZ  85032

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: I have been sending and receiving watches all over the world for 15 years. International customers are responsible for shipping, tax and customs charges on sales and returned repairs. Packages are sent USPS Priority  Express International. When package gets to your country, it gets handed off to the local mail service. You must contact them and/or Customs directly. Contact them right away to arrange for a pick-up time or there may be a delay of several days. You are responsible for contacting the appropriate agency to receive your watch in a timely manner. By purchasing a watch from me, you are agreeing to these terms.   No sales to Italy, Mexico, Africa or Russia.  

Contact form for watch service

Please contact Tim before sending a watch for service. 


Print this form, fill it out and send with your watch. 

Contact Form For Service (docx)